First day 2.0 and KSA waiver

    Good morning Bear Families!

    We are going to attempt our first day of practice again today! Hopefully there will be sunshine and water in the pool! ( I actually have verified with my own eyes that the pool is full)

    One of the many joys of living through a pandemic is the amount of waivers we must sign. KSA is requesting that each family sign a waiver to participate in swim team this summer. I have attached the waiver to this email. You can sign it and return it to Julie Geter at [email protected] or you can print it out and return the signed copy at practice. We need to have all of these waivers signed and returned by this Friday 4/30/21.

    Thank you for hanging in there with us! It will all be worth it to see these kids in the pool again!

    -Kristin Rodriguez

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