Slideshow Link for Banquet

    Hi Bears!

    For the Banquet next week we always have a slideshow that the kids enjoy watching.  It's now time to collect photos for that slideshow.  We have created a Google photos album that we can all upload photos to and then be able to access, even after Banquet is over.  

    A few guidelines for photos to help keep the slideshow manageable:

    • No more than 10 photos per family
    • Group photos only.  No single photos of swimmers (it's more fun when there are multiple kids in a photo)
    • Photos MUST be from the 2023 season and MUST have been taken during a meet, practice, or other BBST event (pep rally, etc).

    The link is: BBST Banquet 2023

    Note that you can either upload photos if you have google photos enabled, or you can select the link at the top right that says "Select from Computer".


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