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Swim Meet Info

Swim Meet Information

Swim meets consist of 80 events. There are equal events for both boys and girls at each age group. They include medley relay, freestyle, breaststroke, individual medley, backstroke, butterfly, and free relays. These events are further divided into heats to accommodate large numbers of swimmers. Each swimmer may participate in a total of five events per meet, including up to three individual events and two relays. The coaching staff determines who swims each event.

Order of Events


Event No.


Individual Event Points



10 & under 50 Free

11-14  100 Freestyle

7 Points for 1st Place

5 Points for 2nd Place


15-18   100 Freestyle

4 Point for 3rd Place


6 & Under  Free Relay

3 points for 4th Place


Medley Relays

2 points for 5th Place

1 point for 6th Place




Breast Stroke

Relay Event Points


6 & U Backstroke

7 Points for 1st Place


Individual Medley

3 points for 2nd Place


Back Stroke




Free Relays (7 & Up)

(A team may only score relay points for one place. If one team wins both 1st and 2nd place, then only 5 points shall be awarded.)

Events start with the youngest age groups in each classification and work up, alternating boys then girl.

LENGTH OF COURSE: The Bear Branch pool is 25 yard 6 lane pool.  Some of the pools we swim are 25 meters long. Qualifying times are adjusted to accommodate the differences.

Age Group



6 & under

Free, Back

25 yds

Free Relay

100 yds (4 swimmers @ 25 yds each)

7 & 8

All Strokes

25 yds

Free & Medley Relays

100 yds (4 swimmers @ 25 yds each)

9 & 10

All Strokes

25 yds

Free & Medley Relays

100 yds (4 swimmers @ 25 yds each)

Freestyle 50 yds

Individual Medley

100 yds (1 swimmer, 4 strokes, 25 yds each)

11 & up

All Strokes

50 yds

Individual Medley

100 yds (1 swimmer, 4 strokes, 25 yds each)

Freestyle 100 yds

Free & Medley Relays

200 yds (4 swimmers @ 50 yds each)

More Meet Info

Regular Season Swim Meets: (Dual Meets) Warm-ups for home team begin at 7:00 am and for away meets at 7:30 am. Swimmer check-in begins 15 minutes before warm-ups. Failure to check in could result in swimmers being scratched from the meet. First event begins at 8:30 am and meets usually end with event 80 around 2:30 pm. Swimmers needing to leave a meet early should tell the coaches and the age group parent at check-in or warm-ups.

Check-in: At home meets, swimmers will check-in before warm-ups by circling or highlighting their name on the event lists for the meet. Lists are divided by age-groups and boys/girls. At away meets, the sign-in sheets will be near the team tents outside the gate. 

What to Bring to a Meet: Swimmers will need goggles, towels, swim cap, competition bathing suit, and sunscreen. Other items that might be helpful include: folding chairs, a blanket to relax on between events, water bottle, toys to entertain younger swimmers between events. Concessions are available at all meets.

Concessions: A concession stand will be available at all meets. They will have breakfast, lunch, and snack items, as well as drinks. Coaches encourage swimmers to eat healthy foods until they are finished swimming. All profits from concessions directly benefit the swim team.

Seeding Times and Heats for Each Event: Swimmers must have an official seeding time before they may enter an event in a meet. These times are established during Time Trials. Heats are arranged according to swimmers’ best times with the slowest times in the first heat and the fastest times in the last heat of the event.

Time Trials: This is our first meet of the season. It serves as a practice meet to train volunteers and work out equipment issues and, more importantly, allows swimmers to establish an official time in each event for the season.

Divisionals: Think of this meet as the championship meet of the season. All the teams that we swim against in regular season swim together in this one large meet to determine the divisional champion for the season. It is held on a Saturday, usually at a local high school pool. All swimmers are eligible and expected to participate. Medals are awarded for top places in each event. 

Invitationals: These are meets that swimmers must make qualifying times to enter. Bear Branch Swim Team participates in three invitational meets: Blue Tide Summer Champs, Trinity, and Ponderosa. Qualified swimmers are asked to pay small entry fees for each event. Look for qualifying times in the Heat Sheets.


HEAT RIBBONS: Our team and several of the teams we compete against give swimmers 10 and under heat ribbons for each place in their heat. These ribbons are given out as the swimmer leaves the pool, and their time is usually written on the back.

TIME IMPROVEMENT RIBBONS: Time improvement ribbons will be given out to 12&under swimmers who lowers their time from the their previous best time. The ribbons will be given out for each individual event.

MEET RIBBONS: The six fastest swimmers in each event are awarded a meet ribbon. Swimmers on the winning relay team also receive a first place ribbon.

AWARDS PARTY: Trophies are awarded to all swimmers 10 and under who have participated in at least two swim meets. Trophies are also awarded to the swimmers from each age group (boys and girls) for outstanding performance and team spirit. The Bloch award is also given to one girl and one boy from the 11 and up age group who exemplifies outstanding dedication and team spirit. Record breaker ribbons are given for every record broken.

INVITATIONAL MEETS: Medals are awarded to swimmers who place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.


Visit the BBST Concession Stand!

Breakfast and Lunch Items

Drinks – Coffee, Water, Gatorade, and Sodas

Snacks – Fruit, Popcorn, Snow Cones, Candy, and Nachos

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