Time Drops system

    Good evening everyone.  I know this email is coming out late, or just in time for the early risers!!  Tomorrow, or today (depending when you read this) we will be instituting a new timing system.  It is called Time Drops.  This is a wireless timing system, that we will be running as a semi-automatic timing, with hand watches as the backup.  Here are a few cool features:

    Use the Time Drops Live! mobile app (links at the end) to follow the meet in real time.

    • No need to wait for 'official', get UNOFFICIAL results near instantly. Just like a scoreboard, Time Drops Live! shows the raw timer results within seconds
    • See personal best times, time standards, and unofficial records right away
    • Easy accessible meet program
    • New - Scoreboard mode lets you convert your phone into a miniature, real-time scoreboard
    • Get automatic notifications for your favorite swimmer's results
    • Protect your swimmer's privacy: Names are protected by a PIN which will be announced at the meet
    • No ads, no in-app purchases or subscriptions. App usage included in your team's annual subscription
    • Download on the App Store  Get it on Google Play
    • Don't want to install an app? Try our instant web app!


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